Fennec (mobile Firefox) by Iampanis - 33.6MB, 3.6.3 - 29/5/2010
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5 stars
Downloads: 1294
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Description (updated 26/3/2011):
Port of the mobile version of Firefox. Updated PND - It works now :) License - Mozilla Public License 1.1
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The Following comments are from an older version of this app :
zapman :remove my fav browser atm, but doesn't run 100% smooth yet. Scrolling could be more 'apple-like'
trevsweb :remove awesome browser. shame takes a bit to load tho.
craigix :remove It's the new one now.
craigix :remove I'm updating it now.
mithrildor :remove Is this the updated PND made by ED?
dead1nside :remove Awesome.